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Self drive car hire in Kisumu Kenya

Kisumu is the third largest city of Kenya, that's why at Budget car hire we have stretched our hands, to operate at this beautiful city of Kisumu, the native tribe are Luo people, known as fishermen. Fishing is done at Lake Victoria which is a fresh water lake, the common fish is Tilapia, the main food for Luo people are fish. Drive around Kisumu city and enjoy cool climate contact us for all your car hire need in kisumu, ranging from 4wd to saloon car.

Kisumu has a population of approximately 160,000. The town was originally founded as the inland railhead of the East African Railway in 1901. Kisumu had been a busy port town since its early days, but the break up of the East African Community in 1977 coupled with the cessation of international ferry services on the lake substantially slowed the town's once bustling pace.

Kisumu boasts some interesting sites in addition to Lake Victoria. Impala Park is a game sanctuary and animal orphanage and home to the rare sitatunga antelope. Hippo Point is famed as an exceptional vantage point for viewing hippo, not to mention Lake Victoria's spectacular sunsets. Also of interest is the Kisumu Musuem which features a display of local traditional customs and crafts. Outside there is a Luo homestead consisting of the husband's mud and thatch home and separate houses for each wife.

The Kisumu market, one of the busiest and largest in Kenya, provides a fascinating glimpse into the day to day existence of the peoples of Western Kenya. Kisumu is probably the best place to buy Kisii soapstone carvings and the Wanachi Craft Shop near town, a local cooperative, features crafts made by local women. Visit us at magaribi car hire Kisumu Kenya.